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Eating Meat Drops Testosterone Levels In Men And Can Increase Estrogen Levels

By | February 23rd, 2017 | Modified - February 3rd, 2021
Eating Meat Drops Testosterone Levels In Men And Can Increase Estrogen Levels
Eating Meat Drops Testosterone Levels In Men And Can Increase Estrogen Levels

Meat Consumption Is A Testosterone Killer In Men

I think eating lots of meat and getting big has been associated with being more manly, but it likely makes men more beastly than manly.

Both men and women have testosterone and estrogen and the divine design placed more testosterone in men and more estrogen in women.

The balance of opposites exists in everything in life in some form and the same applies to the natural balance of testosterone and estrogen in men and women.

Our diets and environmental factors throw of that natural balance. This study[1] showed that high animal protein diets suppressed testosterone in men.

Another study[2] took men who ate plant-based diets and fed them meat everyday. Their testosterone levels went down and some estrogen levels went up.

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Another study[3] examined natural body builders who didn’t use steroids but who ate high animal protein diets. Their testosterone levels dropped by 75% in the months leading up to a competition.

Animal Protein Throws Off Normal Hormonal Activity

Though the high consumption of animal protein and its growth hormones allowed for the accelerated growth of muscle, it reduced the internal balance of testosterone interfering with the natural balance of what greatly makes men.

The high consumption of animal protein throws of the natural hormonal balance in men, maybe supporting the development of beasts and not men.

Dr. Greger covers the role animal protein consumption and testosterone reduction in men in the video.

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