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My Visit To Robben Island And Remembering Our Brave Ancestors

By | December 17th, 2016 | Modified - February 3rd, 2021
My Visit To Robben Island And Remembering Our Brave Ancestors
My Visit To Robben Island And Remembering Our Brave Ancestors

My Visit To Robben Island And Remembering Our Brave Ancestors

I was blessed to be able to go to Robben Island where Mandela and other freedom fighters who fought against apartheid like Luthuli, Sobukwe, and Madela were imprisoned.

It helped to give me a greater perspective of what struggle is. These people served their people and paid a great price for doing so. These people I have named and others had played as great of a part in liberating Africans and other non-white people in South Africa from apartheid as did Nelson Mandela.

Many of the people imprisoned at Robben Island were part of the ANC or other political party that fought against apartheid.

Robben Island

I started my trip to Robben Island from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the Water Front in Cape Town. From there I boarded a ferry that took me and others on a 20 minute ride to Robben Island.

Nelson Mandela Gateway

Once on the island we were greeted by a large mural celebrating the South Africans’ struggle in overcoming apartheid.

Freedom Mural

I then boarded a bus for a tour around the island and for a stop at the prison. I think most everyone on the bus felt blessed to have our tour guide. No it is not Mos Def. 🙂

Robben Island Tour Guide

Our guide was adamant about bringing to light the struggle and importance of all of the other political prisoners. They all played equally important parts in the struggle against apartheid as Mandela did.

They all struggled against apartheid while free and struggled against the harsh conditions of the jail. They were not there alone and shared the prison with the most hardened criminals who were sent there. Their light was strong and they ended up educating the other prisoners and gave them purpose other than only themselves.

Robben Island Prison District
Robben Island Guide Tour
Robben Island F Section

Robben Island prison.

Robben Island Door

The door to the prison was made to look like the wall and was a psychological symbol of not returning to freedom.

Robben Island Door

Robben Island shared cell. the beds in the background were only put in later on.

Robben Island Door

This is the original bed the prisoners slept on.

Robben Island Door

After years of humanitarian pressure being put on prison officials beds were put in the prison so prisoners didn’t have to sleep on the hard floor.

Robben Bunk Bed

This was Mandela’s cell.

Robben Island Mandela's Cell

Robben Island cell bathroom.

Robben Island Cell Bathroom

Robert Sobukwe was keep in isolation in his own quarters during his imprisonment at Robben Island. This might seem like he received preferential treatment but this was done because because the South African Government deemed him to be too dangerous. Sobukwe brought away from the ANC and established the Pan African Congress which believed in a South African only for black South Africans. His isolation eventually drove him crazy.

Robben Island Cell Bathroom

Sorry I didn’t more video of our tour guide explaining how life was for the prisoners. I just have this short clip.

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