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USHA Village – Pricing And Travel

By | February 3rd, 2017 | Modified - February 3rd, 2017
USHA Village - Pricing And Travel
USHA Village – Pricing And Travel

Dr. Sebi’s passed his legacy to his daughter Saama Bowman who is now the Director at the USHA Village. Everyone wishing to go USHA village for healing must submit an application. You can contact Saama Bowman to arrange for your healing stay at through her email address ushavillagehn@gmail.com, or by calling 310-742-3749.

USHA Village – Pricing

The normal price for one week’s stay, 7 days and 6 nights, at USHA Village is $1000.00 USD. The price includes stay at an individual bungalow, alkaline meals, herbal treatments, use of the thermal water saunas and thermal water pools, serene location, orientation, nurse service, and WIFI access.

If you book your stay for 3 weeks or more the price is reduced to $850.00 USD. per week. “

The client being treated pays full amount, he/she is able to bring a guest who the room will be shared with, this guest has access to everything that Usha provides except the herbal treatment. Please include the name of your companion on the “Notes” section of this application, please include their contact information and two emergency contacts for them. The guest is charged $75 per night and must place a $200.00 USD deposit before departing.

Children 3 years and younger stay free. 4 -12 years old is $50.00 USD per day. 13 years and above pay $75.00 USD per day.

 (Discounted or promotion prices are NOT REFUNDABLE)”

At times USHA Village offers promotional deals which are subject to certain rules and regulations.

USHA Village – Travel


You will need to arrange travel to USHA which is not included in the package pricing. You can fly into 3 different airports, SAP in San Pedro Sula, RTB in Roatan, and LCE in La Ceiba. USHA Village recommends traveling with American Airlines, Avianca, Delta, United Airlines or Cayman Airways.

SAP in San Pedro Sula
SAP in San Pedro Sula is about three hour cab ride away from the village, but you will more than likely find a flight to this airport. 

USHA Village will arrange transportation from the airport to the village for $150.00 USD per person each way.

RTB in Roatan
If you arrive to RTB in Roatan you must book a ferry (70 minute ride) through roatanferry.Com. You will have to take a cab from RTB to the terminal on your own, it’s a seven minute trip. Once you arrive to dry land, from the port to the village will be a $40.00 USD fee per person.

LCE in La Ceiba
LCE in La Ceiba is the closest airport to the village and might need multiple connections to get to this airport. You will need to pay $50 USD for transportation from La Ceiba airport to USHA village which is around a 45 minute ride.

All of the transportation charges are paid in cash to the driver and it’s charged each way per person. You are free to book your own transportation , but USHA Village doesn’t have any companies or recommendations for those services.

My USHA Village Travel

After researching all 3 travel options decided to travel in Honduras via SAP in San Pedro Sula. I looked in travelling into
LCE in La Ceiba because it was the closest to USHA Village. I could not find any direct flights from New Jersey or New York into LCE in La Ceiba and had the hardest time even trying to book multiple flights.

I was also reluctant in going through the RTB in Roatan travel process.

I decided to fly into SAP in San Pedro Sula even though it was a 3 hour drive to USHA Village. I was able to find a flight going to SAP in San Pedro Sula from Newarl Airport in New Jersey and also JFK in New York through American Airlines. It was a connecting flight in both instances, with a transfer at the Miami Florida airport.

It was easy breezy booking airplane tickets this way. Though it was 3 hour ride from SAP in San Pedro Sula to USHA Village I just loved the scenery and breathing the air as we drove through the country side. All the way through it reminded me of Jamaica. My driver even played reggae music for me, which we blasted for the whole trip. You know we had to stop along the way to get some fresh coconut water and coconut meat.

Here is some footage of the drive from SAP in San Pedro Sula to USHA Village.

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