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Walking Around Winhoek Namibia

By | December 6th, 2016 | Modified - February 3rd, 2021
Walking Around Winhoek Namibia
Walking Around Winhoek Namibia

So I walked around town in Winhoek Namibia, no problems, no worries. It is all good. People have their different perceptions of what Africa looks like so I wanted to show what I saw.

Winhoek Namibia reminds me of the Caribbean islands in in architecture and colors. People drive on the left instead of on the right as they do in America.

Yes the people drive cars and animals are not roaming through the streets of Winhoek. In rural ares this may not be the case, but this is the city.

There was running water and homes had electricity, and the electricity has been on the whole time since I have been here.

I haven’t had any problems being African American. I fit right in and I look like a group of black people who are called “colored.” Colored people are mixed Africans, and colored is conceptualized differently than in America.

The majority of people here in Namibia are black. Some are pure Africans consisting of different cultures, and some are mixed after a result of colonization. They are all black though.

There is a section of Winhoek where more of the “colored” live. Since I resemble the “colored” people the cab drivers at the mall constantly call out to me and my friend Lamont Slater to take us to that part of town.

A great part of being black in Winhoek Namibia is that I am not discriminated against because I am black. Since the majority of people are black, the majority of police officers are black. I haven’t seen one who wasn’t black.

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